For your convenience we offer all necessary attire for sale in our store.

Shoes, Leotards, Tights and all Dance Accessories. We also offer Spendwood Sweatshirts, T-Shirts and Dance Pants

Dance Dress Code

All dancers must be in dancewear. Every student MUST wear a LEOTARD. Color and style is optional. You may wear dance shorts, dance pants or tights with the leotard, but a leotard must be worn to every class. NO EXCEPTIONS!

No street clothes or street shoes will be allowed in class.


All tap shoes, jazz shoes and jazz sneakers MUST be black. All ballet shoes MUST be pink leather, not satin bedroom slippers. For your convenience, all of these items are available in our store.

All dance students will need black jazz pants for the recital. Buy them now and you can also use them in class all year.

Gym Dress Code

All gymnasts MUST wear gym clothes, not street clothes to class every week. You may wear gym shorts and/or footless tights with the leotard. No baggy clothing and no shorts with buckles or zippers (they catch on the equipment) will be allowed.

For your convenience these items are for sale in our store. Long hair should be pulled back neatly and no jewelry worn during classes. This is for the safety of the gymnast.