All our classes work on a graded system. The best way to describe this is, it is very similar to learning your alphabet. Once you have mastered your alphabet, you move onto words, then sentences, and so on. Repetition in Dance and Gymnastics is a key factor. Teacher evaluation of students, their progress, their skill development and their proper placement is ongoing to keep students in the proper class and level.


  • Mommy/Daddy & Me
  • Ballet
  • Pointe
  • Tap
  • Lyrical
  • Jazz
  • Ballroom
  • Hip-Hop
  • Zumba
  • New Ballet Barre exercise classes

Mommy/Daddy & Me (18mo – 3yrs)

18 months to 3 years old. ½ hour classes: An introduction to dance with a parent or grandparent in the classroom with the student. Using dance, movement and music, they will learn skills of listening and following directions in a very comfortable first time dance experience. This will prepare them for regular classes at 3 years of age.


Creative and Primary Ballet (3-6 year olds)

Ages: 3 & 4 years old ½ hour classes

Creative Ballet I

First Year and sometimes 2nd Year Students- Musical Rhythms and creative movement. Expression is explored through the practice of dance, games and songs, improvisational exercise and movement to music and following directions


Ages: 5 and 6 year olds ½ hour classes

Creative Ballet II

Creative Ballet II Builds on the skills in Ballet I. At this age their attention span has increased so that they can move into Primary Ballet. Ballet starts with Creative Ballet I & II and from approximately 5 years old goes into Primary Ballet.


Primary Ballet consists of Levels I, II & III. Introduction of ballet technique. Students learn the basic ballet positions of the body arms and head, as well as posture and coordination. They still continue to explore the Ballet world through improvisational games, songs and body awareness.


Ballet (7yrs +)

Young children take “creative or Primary Ballet” until the age of 7 because the bones in their legs are not connected until they are 7 years old and they should not take more than a half hour class up to that point. This is why we start 1-hour Level I Ballet classes at 7 years old.


Beginner Ballet- Levels I, II & III, 1 hour class, for 7 years old, and up.

Beginner to Advanced Beginner

Students will learn Barre work, center, combinations and across the floor. They also learn technical descriptions of movements of the body & body awareness. This includes correct body position and alignment.


Intermediate Ballet, Levels I, II & III 1 hour classes

Beginner, Intermediate to Advanced Beginner

Technique Barre, Center Work, Combinations, Across the Floor, Turns, etc.


Advanced Ballet, Levels I, II & III 1 hour to 1 ½ hour classes

Advanced Levels

As students master the skills in each level, they advance to the next level. Teachers evaluate when students are ready for the next level.


Tap (3yrs +)

All Ages, starting at 3 years old ½ hour classes

  • Tap– Tap is taught on a graded or progressive system from beginner to advanced, from 3 years old to adult. Includes: Basic Technique Barre, Center Work and combinations of Tap Technique including songs and training dances.
  • Tap, 2nd Year and Up thru Advanced Levels ½ hour classes

As you progress, Tap continues on with a technique Barre, center work, and practice dances. Dancers are learning awareness and to hear the music. Repetition is the best teacher in technique. Classes continue on a graded system with introduction of new steps and sequences, as they are ready. This system continues right on through to advanced and competition levels of Tap. As they advance, Tap involves very intricate foot work and learning to work with rhythm changes and stop times.


Hip-Hop (5yrs +)

Starts at 5 years old ½ hour classes

Hip-Hop has a Jazz background. You need Jazz technique to be able to successfully do Hip-Hop. Hip-Hop includes a lot of strong movements and a lot of isolations. For this reason it is a combination Hip Hop / Jass class for this age.

We strongly urge children to take other classes with Hip-Hop, either Tap or Jazz. This really helps the coordination you need for the Hip-Hop style. Hip-Hop also continues thru levels I, II, III, IV & V; Beginner through Advanced.


Jazz (5yrs +)

In each level, the students will master the basic skills and then move onto the next level. There are actually many categories within each level which must be mastered before they move on.


  • Jazz for 5 and 6 year olds is a combination class of Hip Hop/Jazz.
  • Jazz I, for 7 years old and up. Beginner through Advanced Beginner. ½ hour classes – A playful yet challenging introduction to Jazz styles, Jazz involves a lot of isolations of the body, which is very difficult for the young child. They are also learning to put those isolations with steps.
  • Jazz II, Beginner through Advanced Beginner ½ hour classes – A combination of the skills learned in Jazz I on a more advanced level.
  • Jazz III, Intermediate ½ hour classes – The graded system for Jazz continues once the skills of Level II have been mastered. Lyrical and funk are added in the higher levels.
  • Jazz IV, Advanced ½ hour classes – The graded system for Jazz continues once the skills of Level III have been mastered. Lyrical and funk are included.



Youth Ballroom starts at 7 years old ½ hour classes

This is an introduction to many styles of dance, Ballroom, Social and Latin dances.


Adult Ballroom- one hour classes


We also offer private classes, including wedding classes for the bride and groom or the wedding party.